“The bottom line is that you can take responsibility

for how you occupy your mind.”

Infinite Life, Robert Thurman

A Having Had Group
12 Step Meditation Meeting
Cultivating Mindfulness in Recovery

"It isn't necessary to throw away your tradition, faith or family. Keep everything and introduce mindfulness, peace and joy into it. Your friends will see the value of mindfulness through you - not through what you say, but through your being."

12 Three Ring Binder Tabs -

Mindfulness Meditation Index

1.  What Is Mindfulness?

     What Is Meditation?

2.  The Five Precepts of Mindfulness

     Mindful Breathing

3.  Taking Refuge in the Three Gems

4.  Inventory of the Eight Gates

5.  Loving Kindness Meditation

6.  Your Character Defects Hook You

7.  Personal Vows

8.  The Full Awareness of Breathing

9.  Practicing Insight Meditation

10. Aim of Attention

11. Naiken Method of Self Reflection

12. Gradual Path of Loving Energy