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This website was developed and continues to be revised in the spirit of "progress not perfection" by two recovering alcoholics. In keeping with A.A.'s 12th Tradition, it is our hope to remain anonymous. We make no claims regarding the accuracy of the information provided here. This site has not been approved or endorsed by, and is not affiliated with, Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. or any service entity of A.A.W.S., Inc..  


There is no financial gain for either of us from this endeavor; to the contrary, all costs necessary to create and manage this site have been born by us. Rather, this work is provided in the hope that anyone struggling with "the maintenance of their spiritual condition" in 12 Step recovery will find the higher power necessary to overcome their conditioning and awaken their true mind. 

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Cultivating Mindfulness & Meditation in 12 Step Recovery


Phone: 503 572-2086

Mailing Address:

286 NW Overlook Ct
Gresham, OR 97030
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